Green Climbs

Green Climbs (Easy)

No climb is easy, but our green climbs provide a gentle introduction to the park with easier gradients.

Assel Valley 10.3km 0.8%
Knockgardner 3.0km 3.7%
Millenderdale 4.7km 2.5%

The Assel Valley

  • Distance: 10.3km
  • Elevation: 230m (-128m)
  • Max Gradient: 13.4%
  • Average: 0.8%

Is this technically a hill then? Aye, your legs will confirm it is. We start steep by the road junction, for 2-300m we have to grind our machine onto the gentler gradient. From the junction with the Barr road we ascend gradually with a few short sharp pitches. In places the road descends, but the standard head wind means you are merely catching your breath before another injection of effort.


  • Distance: 3.0km
  • Elevation: 92m
  • Max Gradient: 11.2%
  • Average: 3.7%

Not to be underestimated, Knockgardner links Straiton to the lower slopes of Glenalla (Cloyntie). A hidden back road, its a much neglected climb well worth seeking out.

We go up up up in a straight line, but despite the constant elevation gain never have the sense of conquering a climb because the hills behind look that bit more impressive. But remember; not to be underestimated!


  • Distance: 4.7km
  • Elevation: 137m
  • Max Gradient: 12.7%
  • Average: 2.5%

A superb route from the sea, climbing out of Lendalfoot at an ever so steady pace you barely notice it. But with over 100m in elevation, and even a switchback, it qualifies as a categorised climb.

The road is in pretty mixed condition, so we recommend riding up rather than down. Please take great caution if accessing Millenderdale via the A77. We would recommend approaching via Colmonnell for a more scenic and less busy ride.